Who Invented Google Maps?

The original Google Maps were based on the Ajax technology, a group of web technologies. Though the founders of Google Maps did not invent Ajax, they were instrumental in making it a central part of the Web 2.0 renaissance of late 2004. Before that, Lars and Jens had been toying with the idea of creating a better mapping experience. They had been living in Australia, where their girlfriend could not live, and had been tinkering with the idea of creating a service that would give users better information about the places they visited.

Noel Gordon

When Noel Gordon invented Google Maps, he was just an employee of Google. But he managed to build a business that has become a household name. Google was valued at $23 billion after the IPO, and Ma retired a few years ago. Gordon, however, continues to work for Google. As of 2012, Google had over 2,100 employees working in the mapping sector.

John Hanke

If you want to find out more about how John Hanke invented Google Maps, you’ve come to the right place. He’s a Cal grad who is now the CEO of Niantic, the company behind the wildly successful Pokemon Go game. Hanke also created Google Earth and Google Maps, two applications that have revolutionized the way we navigate the world.


The Rasmussen brothers, founders of Where 2 Technologies, are responsible for creating the application that became Google Maps. The application allows users of Android devices to share location information with Google Maps. The company’s profile can be viewed upon request.

Art+Com’s patent

Google has been sued by a German company called Art+Com Innovationpool GmbH over a patent they claim Google Maps infringes. The patent is for a system that divides high-resolution map imagery into tiles. This system was first demonstrated in 1996 when SGI built a public-facing demo in which the user could zoom in to a 3D spot in the Alps. The demo also showcased hardware clip-map technology.

Terra Vision

TerraVision is a four-part German television series that follows four people who invent a new way to map the world using Google maps. The story is set in Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The film draws from the counterculture of the era, and stars Carsten Schluter, Juri Muller, Pavel Mayer, and Axel Schmidt. The film’s soundtrack is exhilarating, blending techno german music and futuristic synthesizers.

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