What is Google Maps Live View?

Google Maps is the undisputed king of navigation apps and is constantly evolving. Its most recent addition is Live View. It was first tested by journalists earlier this year, and is now rolling out to select Android phones. Live View is a new feature that allows users to see the real world and augmented reality directions without having to rely on directions. However, it requires camera access and is only available in good light conditions.

It also shows traffic conditions in real time. Traffic congestion can mean missing a flight or missing your travel plans. With Google Maps, you can see what’s happening on the road in real time and get the best route to your destination. Having an active data connection is required to view these features, though.

Google Maps is the result of years of human effort. Its data is incredibly detailed and unrivaled by any other company. But how does Google make such a high-quality map? Its success is largely due to its human staff, which spend a large part of their time combining and cleaning data. As a result, the map features built into them include human intelligence and will tell you which route is best suited for you.

While using Google Maps, you can also use the camera to locate your location. Live View is an enhanced version of Google Maps that superimposes rich details onto your screen. You can move around using the camera to view your location on the map.

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