Tower of Fantasy Global Release Time, Server Status & Preload Guide Tower of Fantasy's global release date is just hours away and more than 4M players pre-registered.

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Action RPGs are expected to offer a refreshing approach to the genre. They will transport players into a postmodern world filled with fascinating characters

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Tower of Fantasy: Release Date & Time Tower of Fantasy will be launched globally on Wednesday, August 10, 2022 at 7pm local.

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Tower of Fantasy Preload Information All platforms are able to download the files so that they can play the game immediately after it launches.

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How to Preload Tower of Fantasy Global Launch and the pre-download will be available for download on the official PC, iOS and Android platforms.

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File size: Tower of Fantasy Tower of Fantasy will require at least 12GB of storage space for mobile devices, and 22GB for PC.

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Tower of Fantasy will enable you to save cross-platform characters, progress, resources and purchases on any platform. These will all be shared among all platforms.

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Tower of Fantasy Pre-Registration Reward Hotta Studio added two more reward tiers in celebration of the overwhelming response from fans. The rewards are available to all players.

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