Tower of Fantasy - All about the Character Editor of the MMORPG August 9th was the start of the preload phase of the PC version of Tower of Fantasy.

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The character editor is live. Tower of Fantasy will launch on PC, Android, and iOS devices on August 11. Players can preload the MMO role-playing games as of today. However, players can also use the editor to create the characters they want.

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We were able to benefit from three customization categories that allowed us to add up to five subcategories. This even allows the "replicas" of famous anime heroes from films, games and software. Do you have any examples? Willingly!

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After Tower of Fantasy finishes pre-loading, when you open the launcher, the "Preferences” menu item will appear on the primary screen. Here is the location of the character editor. The middle right of the screen will show the "Lobby” and "Random" items.

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Lobby: Here are the player-created heros. This view does not have a search function, and the user characters do not have meaningful names. If you are looking for an anime hero, your eyes will be the only thing that can help you.

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Random: Click on this point to create a random character. These results are quite good and can be adjusted in detail.

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One category: Looks Outfit, Accessories, and Shape Category 2: Hair and eyes Accessory Colors and Shades Kategorie three: Facial features Face, Eyes and Mouth

Image Credit: Steampowered