Rosie O'Donnell regretted making fun of Anne Heche prior to the car accident: "I wonder if She's okay?"

She said, "Feeling bad I made fun of her while she was talking with Barbara Walters about having an affair with space-aliens. You know?"

O'Donnell refers to an interview with ABC News in 2001 where Heche claimed that she had a different personality named Celastia.

The ex-talk show host said, "I wonder what her health is?" It's amazing that she didn't kill anyone, and I pray she survives.

Wow, this is a terrible story. They say that the car was on fire for quite a while.

O'Donnell said in her TikTok: "If we have an open discussion about drunk driving we find out how common it is. That's scary, isn’t it?

It is important to note that authorities have not confirmed that Heche was drunk at the time the crash occurred.

O'Donnell spoke on alcohol and stated that Alcoholics Anonymous works and that she has seen miracles occur.