After being involved in a fiery auto crash, the actress sustained a severe brain injury.

Anne Heche is still in a coma following a "severe brain injury" and "not expected to live."

Heche had expressed her desire to donate organs and the rep said that Heche is being monitored to see if there are any viable options.

Anne was a generous person with a big heart. She was more than her talent. She saw spreading kindness, joy and acceptance as her life's work.

Heche, 53 years old, was driving a mini cooper blue when she crashed into an apartment garage in Los Angeles.

She crashed her car into another Mar Vista home and lit a fire.

Although Heche's blood tests "revealed drug presence", additional testing was needed to rule out drugs that she received at the hospital.

According to the department, Heche was being investigated for driving while impaired in connection with the crash.

Heche could be charged with DUI misdemeanor and hit-and run if it is proven that she was impaired by drugs or alcohol.