Oscars producer responds to Will Smith's apology to Chris Rock: 'I'm pulling for him' Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at 2022 Oscars

Entertainment Tonight reports that Packer stated, "I love how he's being transparent about his process."

"Clearly, he is going through his personal rehabilitation."

Packer, 48, said that he is "pulling" for "Fresh Prince Bel-Air" alum.

He said, "I think he's got thirty years in this business of being somebody who is the exact opposite of what he was in those three seconds,"

According to the outlet, Smith was also sent well wishes by the Oscars producer and continued to praise Smith.

Smith posted an apology video to Rock last month after striking Rock on stage in front millions of viewers around the world.

Smith said he spoke to Rock, 57 to discuss the incident, but that Rock isn't available to meet with him.

Later, he added that he was not a victim. Yes, it hurts, motherf--ker. I was able to shake that off and got back to work the next morning.