The Most Affordable Region In The US Where The American Dream Is Still Alive

What exactly is an American Dream? Everybody has their own definition of what constitutes the American Dream, but by definition it's "the idea that each citizen in the United States should have an equal chance of achieving success and prosperity

it's the belief that everyone could achieve success by putting in the work. However as time went on it became apparent that the American Dream moved further and further away from being an actual reality.

Of 14,000 Americans 37% of Americans are in agreement that they believe the American Dream is much more difficult to attain as it was in the ago, Minutehack states.

There are many reasons for this idea, including a massive college debt, an ever-growing costs of living and a crowded job market, in which most Americans require many jobs just to get enough money, according to Fast Company.

In many regions of the nation, housing prices are increasing but wages remain the same. This makes it almost impossible to get ahead.

According the market watch MarketWatch the study found that only one-fifth of Americans has savings in their accounts So it's not surprising that people are skeptical about whether that they will ever attain what's known as the American Dream.

Despite the stigma that the Midwest is portrayed as "lifeless or flat" that region is among the most productive economically, claims clever. In the West the ratio of job to income is an alarming 4.2 while the Midwest has the highest ratio of 2.9 ratio.