Sen. Lindsey Graham said Biden deserves credit for passing bipartisan legislation on guns and infrastructure

– Senator. Lindsey Graham said Biden has signed a bill in a way that "made the most sense." – He also praised the bipartisan effort to support the infrastructure and gun reform bills. – "I just want the entire country to know that everything is never lost at Washington," Graham said.

Senator. Lindsey Graham said his former Senate colleague Joe Biden is deserving of some praise for the things he's accomplished after becoming president.

In an appearance on the CNN show "State of the Union", host Dana Bash asked Biden South Carolina Republican if he considered Biden merited some praise for keeping the campaign promise to work with other parties to approve bipartisan legislation.

"Yeah. I mean, he's signed things that made sense," Graham began, specifically calling out the 2021 infrastructure bill and the gun reform bill.

Graham appeared by CNN by Democratic Senator. Richard Blumenthal, in another example of bipartisanship and expressed appreciation for the way that lawmakers and others collaborated across political lines.

Since his election from 2021 onwards, Biden was a signature bearer on a several bipartisan bills. For instance, the Infrastructure bill worth $1 trillion which was signed in the month of November, was Biden's first significant legislative victory. It was passed by a broad and bipartisan support.

However, Graham has been critical of the Democrats' $740 billion climate as well as healthcare and tax package which was approved by in the Senate last Sunday. The bill was passed in spite of the opposition of the majority of Senate Republicans.