Beyonce and Tyra Banks made headlines this week after a bizarre interview went viral. Now Keke Palmer is joining the fray.

The caption to the viral tweet, which has been viewed more than 1.4 Million times on Twitter this week, reads: "This is why Beyonce does not do interviews anymore."

Tweet featuring Banks interviewing Renaissance singer during her Sasha Fierce period for a "different" type of interview

"Seance, if there was a way to communicate with anyone who has died, who would it? She continued.

The puns keep coming in an extremely cringeworthy way, and Beyonce seems to be nervously smiling along.

After the interview has been retweeted, Palmer joined the conversation to enjoy the many jokes and puns shared in the comments.

"I was Cray Cray. Pink News: Sorry (not sorry), she tweeted.

The legendary singer's seventh studio album features 16 tracks. It was released Friday, weeks after the release of lead single "Break My Soul" whetted fans' appetites.