John Travolta, actor who starred in "Grease" with Olivia Newton John, has released a tribute statement.

On Instagram, the actor wrote: "My dearest Olivia. You made all our lives so much easier." Your impact was amazing. You are so special to me.

International fame was gained by Travolta and Newton-John in 1978, when they played the roles of bad boy Danny in "Grease."

A few years back, they re-enacted their roles in a special evening in West Palm Beach, Florida. They attended a sing-along and Q&A session at Coral Sky Amphitheatre.

Newton-John wore her yellow skirt with matching cardigan and white button up. Travolta wore a classic jacket made of leather with his hair down.

Newton-John shared the moment via Instagram, stating that it was the first time they had worn costumes since making the movie over 40 years ago.

Travolta said in his tribute that he would see Travolta down the road, and they will all be back together.

It was signed by him: "Yours since the moment I first saw you, and forever!" Your Danny, your John."