From Mud to Mat: How the Pro Kabaddi League transformed a sport!

In the last couple of years, the traditional game of Kabaddi has seen tremendous growth. This is what it was that the Pro Kabaddi League transformed a sport.

In a sport that has been around for many generations and has not yet gotten from the acclaim it merited.

The story was changed when the arrival of the Pro Kabaddi League - the echo of 'kabaddi kabaddi" spread throughout the entire population throughout India and around the world.

Kabaddi traveled from the mat to the mud

The top players from the talent pool are taken into the PKL Player Auction as young talents.

Kabaddi players today do not only come from big cities like Haryana as well as Tamil Nadu anymore

We witnessed players who hail from Goa, Jammu & Kashmir and Puducherry being selected and that is what warms my soul the most.

A number of schools throughout India have also added the kabaddi sport to their syllabus

medical and engineering faculties are also participating in Kabaddi tournaments.