The moment Bigg Boss Telugu 6 contestant Inaya Sultana's video of a dance featuring Ram Gopal Varma took internet by storm

Inaya Sultana made the headlines with her controversial dance performance with filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, has been accepted into the Bigg Boss Telugu 6 house

The internet went on a storm after her viral video in the company of Ram Gopal Varma at her birthday celebration.

Varma was criticized for what some people deemed to be inappropriate dance moves.

The Veerappan director has released the video in which he dances with Inaya Sultana to the tune Rangeela.

The director wrote "I I would like to clarify that the man in the video isn't me."

The girl in red the red dress is not Inaya Sultana. I swear to this on American President Joe BIDEN."

Sultana was also accused of not allowing such behaviour after she shared photos of her birthday celebration with Varma

After the viral video was released, Inaya revealed that her mother called her and said she was not happy

Inyana Sultan joined into the Bigg Boss Telugu house as the 15th contestant in season 6.

The tagline of the show is 'Entertainment Ki"Adda Fix".

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