Anne Heche car accident scene described as "horrific": "Nothing could have prepared us for this."

Anne Heche is still in a "critical condition" following a fiery accident last Friday, in which she suffered severe burns. A spokesperson stated that was in stable condition.

The statement stated that Anne Heche, contrary to previous reports, became unconscious shortly after the accident. She slipped into a coma, and is currently in critical condition.

"She suffered a severe pulmonary injury. She also had burns that required surgical intervention.  Deadline was informed by a representative that the situation was serious.

The outlet reported that Anne was in "extreme critical condition" at the moment.  "She is currently in a coma, and has not regained consciousness after the accident,"

Heche was also involved in the accident that saw her car collide with a Mar Vista house, a suburb in Los Angeles. The "heavy fire" broke out and took 60 firefighters one hour to extinguish.

KNBC, NBC affiliate of NBC, was told by police that Heche's Mini Cooper was speeding down a residential street before hitting a curb and launching nine metres into the house.

Police said that Heche was under arrest for drawing blood on warrant by investigators to establish if she was drunk at the time of the crash.

Heche could be charged with DUI misdemeanor and hit-and run if it is proven that she was impaired by drugs or alcohol.