How Google Maps Works?

If you’ve ever wondered how Google maps works, then you’re not alone. Even though we can’t know the names of every street or building in the world, we can use Google maps to find the location of any location. And the best part is that Google Maps can even identify homes without an address! It uses a system called Plus Codes, which is based on thousands of images taken by satellites and street view images.

Mercator projection

The Mercator projection is a cylindrical projection that depicts Earth’s land mass. It includes a consistent scale in all directions and gives accurate representation of angles. However, it distorts the scale of countries that lie further away from the equator, making Greenland appear as large as Africa. It was adopted for navigational purposes.

This projection is used in Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth to display Earth maps. It is also a de facto standard in Web mapping applications. It was first adopted by Google Maps in 2005 and is now used by almost all major online map providers. Its official EPSG identifier is EPSG:3857.


There are several ways to adjust the zoom level on Google Maps. At higher zoom levels, the map becomes more detailed. However, as you zoom out, the map becomes less detailed. The labels and icons remain the same, but they are scaled down. This makes the map look cluttered, especially in the middle.

To adjust the zoom, you can double-tap the maps interface. Then, you can swipe up or down to adjust the zoom level.

Plus codes

Google Plus Codes are an open source system for sharing addresses. The service allows anyone to share an address for free. It is especially useful for people in remote regions, where cell signal is not available. The World Bank estimates that half the world’s population lives on unnamed streets. The new technology has several benefits, including being free and open source.

There are several ways to generate plus codes. For example, you can use Google Sheets to generate the codes based on latitude and longitude. There are also functions within Google Sheets that make the process easier. Alternatively, you can use professional software that simplifies the process.

Street view

Street view on Google maps allows you to get a real-time view of the city you are visiting. This feature is based on the technology used by Google Earth. It allows you to view interactive panoramas of many streets around the world. It first began in 2007 in a few US cities, but has since expanded to other major cities and rural areas.

To view Street View, you’ll first need to mark an area on the map. This is easily done by searching for a specific location using the search bar. You can then either tap on a business marker on the map, or press any other location to see a closer look. Once you’ve marked the location, the markers will show up in a bar on the bottom part of the map. You can then swipe up this bar to launch the Save/Share window. Street View will appear if the location is accessible.

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